Accelerating algae product development for a more sustainable future

Our mission

Algae are a versatile and sustainable renewable resource with a high potential to be utilised in a wide range of product applications. They can be cultivated without using freshwater, arable land, or added fertilisers and pesticides. Algae production can also have the additional benefit of improving the marine environment.

Algae utilisation has yet to be fully exploited.

The AlgaeProBANOS project has been created to change this, with a mission to accelerate the development of sustainable and innovative algae-based products in the Baltic and North Sea, to make the EU a world-leader in algae product development, and to support coastal societies and local economies.

Our network of partners

The AlgaeProBANOS pilots

AlgaeProBANOS is supporting a launch group of innovators in algae-based product development. Based in and around the Baltic and North Seas, these companies together with our expert partners are working on cutting-edge research into a range of algae-based products in the areas of food, feed, cosmetics, biostimulants, nutraceuticals and textiles.

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AlgaeProBANOS at Mission Arena – Catalyzing Change for Sustainable Seas
In pursuit of EU Mission Ocean's objectives, Blue Mission BANOS hosted 1st Mission Arena from 14-16 November in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the Lindholmen Conference Centre. Mission Arena offered a platform to showcase innovative blue economy solutions, emphasizing local, regional, and national approaches for a circular, carbon-neutral blue economy. The event brought together 500 participants from […]
Shaping the Blue Economy Landscape: Join Us at the 1st Mission Arena by Blue Mission BANOS 
Blue Mission BANOS 1st Mission Arena, will take place from November 14th to 16th in the charming city of Gothenburg, Sweden. The event brings together stakeholders from across the blue economy sphere will convene to discuss sustainable, innovative, and carbon-neutral solutions.

Join the algae revolution

Do you have a start-up or product idea that can be part of the revolution in algae-based product development? Or are you an established algae industry professional?

Join Blue Bio Match to connect with organisations and partners who can help turn your algae startup or product concept into a reality. Access our Algae Working Group, connect with research partners, investors, and other businesses to accelerate your growth, and engage with others for networking, work and business opportunities.

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