Pilots and Products
The AlgaeProBANOS pilots are innovative start-ups and SMEs from the Baltic and North Sea region which are developing a range of algae-based products from across a number of value chains. Explore the pilots and products below.


Producing food snacks for the mass market from kelp

What we do

syj grows and produces seaweed in the Arctic Sea, from which we develop and create sustainable vegan seafood products. 

Our products

We create baked vegan sea chips using locally sourced ingredients, Norwegian seaweed, and porcini to create a crispy umami flavour, that mixes salty seaweed and porcini mushroom.

Why we do it

The purpose and main motivation behind SJY is to contribute significantly towards a sustainable future through the development of vegan seafood. In the face of climate change, we want to be part of the solution, developing sustainable sea-based products that contributes to the way the world produces and consumes seafood.

Our work with AlgaeProBANOS

The aim behind our work with the AlgaeProBANOS programme is to create kelp-based products that can be developed and marketed for the mass market.