Pilots and Products
The AlgaeProBANOS pilots are innovative start-ups and SMEs from the Baltic and North Sea region which are developing a range of algae-based products from across a number of value chains. Explore the pilots and products below.


Introducing new cosmetic & feed ingredients from CCU microalgae to reach the market

What we do

ALGIECEL is aspiring to produce tomorrow´s sustainable protein and omega-3 rich products utilizing captured CO2, microalgae and a win-win business model. ALGIECEL makes it easy for industrial companies to transform their CO2 emissions into microalgae biomass using a high-yield photobioreactor fitted into standard shipping containers. 

Benefits to society / environment

ALGIECEL has been founded to take part in the challenge of transforming today´s CO2 emissions into feasible business opportunities. ALGIECEL´s mobile and modular photobioreactors can go where large-scale CO2 utilization or storage projects cannot go. This is enabling the production of in-demand, high-value, sustainable ingredients for the food, feed and cosmetics sector independent of arable land and from CO2 emissions that would have otherwise been emitted. We want to be at the forefront of this potential, developing the CO2 utilization system and the algae-based products which can contribute to tackling the global climate crisis. 

Our products

ALGIECEL´s microalgae biomass is CO2 neutral, vegan, and natural. It can be split into a protein- and an oil-fraction. The protein-fraction will be applied as aquaculture feed, is very high in protein and contains omega-3, food-grade vitamins and carotenoids. The oil-fraction will be applied in cosmetics, is very high in omega-3 and contains food-grade vitamins and carotenoids.  

Our work with AlgaeProBANOS

ALGIECEL is working with the AlgaeProBANOS programme and its partners for the development and commercialization of our microalgae oil-fraction and protein-fraction as sustainable, high-value ingredients within the cosmetic and feed material industries.