Pilots and Products
The AlgaeProBANOS pilots are innovative start-ups and SMEs from the Baltic and North Sea region which are developing a range of algae-based products from across a number of value chains. Explore the pilots and products below.


Innovative products from the sea for natural cosmetics and healthy food


OceanBASIS has specialized in the development of extracts from marine algae for health for more than 20 years. Our certified natural cosmetics brand “Oceanwell” and our delicatessen brand “Meeresgarten” benefit from this know-how. We only use algae that come from sustainable aquaculture or ecologically compatible hand collection, so that the largest ecosystem on our planet can recover a little - just like your body. The products were developed by marine biologists. That is why each product is the result of a special passion for the marine habitat. This is particularly evident in the uniquely high concentration of active ingredients.

Benefits to society / environment

The sea holds immense treasures of active ingredients that we want to make accessible to humans without damaging the marine habitat. Their benefits for the environment and people are the basis of our activities. For this reason oceanBASIS stands for a sustainable use of the “blue pharmacy” and has founded the first offshore algae farm in Germany. In addition to responsible use of marine resources, we continue to fill the sustainability goals with life

  • own initiative "Protect the Ocean
  • Support of the association "One Earth - One Ocean e.V." (oeoo) 
  • company certified by "Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie e.V. 
  • 100% natural electricity throughout the office 


oceanBASIS is a company that develops and markets innovative products from the sea for natural cosmetics and healthy food. Our vision is to be the world’s leading “treasure collectors” of active ingredients from the sea. With our sister company CRM – Coastal Research & Management, our mission is to use marine resources sustainably and to protect the ocean with our own research and environmental projects. In addition, we cooperate closely with universities and research institutions to investigate various applications. Our core values are: 

  • Sustainability 
  • Responsibility for people and the environment 
  • Freedom 
  • Creativity 

New products to be developed with AlgaeProBANOS

The active ingredients from algae are particularly potent, e.g. fucoidan - a special algae sugar. The aim of the oceanBASIS development work particularly is to develop a sustainable production process that extracts the active ingredient as gently as possible from the ecologically cultivated or harvested algae.

Learning the necessary regulatory steps, e.g. the registration of a new "health claim" for food supplements with the EU authorities, is also part of this project.  The participating research institutions support the pilots in this project with their know-how. The aim of our work is to be able to make these health-promoting effects of fucoidan available to people in the form of a food supplement.