About Us

What is the AlgaeProBANOS project?

The mission of AlgaeProBANOS is to demonstrate viability and market accessibility for sustainable and innovative algae-based products and solutions in the Baltic and North Seas. Our vision is a thriving algae industry within Europe, supporting a broad range of innovative, sustainable, bio-based products, whilst generating new regional sustainable industries and economic growth.

Our Core work

Creating the products

AlgaeProBANOS will back six business pilots, aiding SMEs and startups in launching eight algae-based products (TRL 7-9) across food, feed, nutraceuticals, textiles, cosmetics, and plant biostimulants. These value chains rely on Baltic and North Sea-sourced microalgae and seaweeds (or recycled resources), undergoing iterative circular development loops with rigorous assessments for top product quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

Meeting market demand

Product value chains are built with end users at the front and centre. Consumer and end user engagement is undertaken in co-creation activities, providing greater opportunity for market success, and digital tools will be developed to support industry needs.

Accelerating market growth for algae-based products

GoToMarket strategies are tailored to each pilot project, providing greater opportunities for market success. At a wider industry level, the Algae Accelerator is developing new knowledge and insight, building on existing understanding and experience to create new guidelines, solutions, collaboration and industry training to benefit the entire algae sector ecosystem and nourish its development into a thriving industry by 2050.

Our funding

AlgaeProBANOS is co-funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme under project number 101112943.

AlgaeProBANOS will directly contribute to the Blue Mission BANOS lighthouse initiative, which engages and supports stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea to reach a carbon-neutral and circular blue economy. 

The initiative falls under the EU’s Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters, which aims to protect and restore the health of our ocean and waters through research and innovation, citizen engagement and blue investments.

AlgaeProBANOS Project Timeline

Work Packages

The AlgaeProBANOS project work packages have been structured to provide a simultaneous learning and development process. This gives the opportunity for insights and reseach generated within the flow of the project to be implemented in 'real-time' so that it can benefit the end outcome.

PERT Diagram