The impact of the AlgaeProBANOS project

The AlgaeProBANOS project will drive a range of regional, European and global benefits that will have a real-world impact on local communities, the economy and the work to create a more sustainable planet.

Real-world impacts

Real-world impact

  • A framework of tools for ensuring sustainability of tested algae product sectors that can support entrepreneurs, governments and decision-makers with sustainable aquaculture management
  • LCA reports on selected pilots can be used as guidance to quantitatively assess environmental impacts of algae related businesses to enhance circularity and biorefining approaches
  • Sustainable resource management guidelines on macroalgae harvesting regimes
  • Sustainable resource management guidelines on macro- and microalgae cultivation protocols
A framework for sustainability

AlgaeProBANOS will develop a framework and tools for ensuring sustainability of algae product sectors to support entrepreneurs, governments and decision-makers with sustainable aquaculture management.

Real-world impact

  • A new processing method and a recipe to add microalgae species in fish feed
  • A method for removing undesirable elements from macroalgae
  • A reactor design and a method for continuous extraction of desirable or undesirable compounds
  • Scientifically underpinned proof of biostimulant activity of identified components in seaweed extracts, linking components with activity on specific stressors and agricultural plants
  • Data from pre-clinical tests for applying for a new health claim for fucoidan-containing extracts
  • Eight algae products close to the market (TRL7-8)
New products and processes

AlgaeProBANOS will support the development of new, sustainable products and processes to facilitate our pilots to bring new algae products to the market.

Real-world impact

  • Three online APB dashboards for algae farms, algae products, algae logistics
  • An online matchmaking tool for the Algae Business Club
  • A decision-support tool for biorefineries and value chains
Digital solutions

The lighthouse project will create online dashboards for algae farms, products and logistics, and an Algae Business Club online matchmaking tool.

Real-world impact

  • Insights for innovators and entrepreneurs from the co-creation activities with end-users and consumer needs in algae-based products
  • New feedback information on how to improve consumer acceptance and commercialisation of algae-based products
Co-creation with end-users

To gain insights for algae innovators and entrepreneurs, co-creation activities will be designed and implemented to better understand consumer needs.

Real-world impact

  • Commercialisation and GTM Strategy of algae product sectors
  • Blueprints of key technological and business model parameters for value chains
  • High-level industry socio-economic impact assessment guidance for policymakers and investors
  • Spin-offs, projects and IPR developed in third-party financing calls between consortium, accelerator experts and third parties
Accelerating the algae sector

To accelerate development of new products and markets, the lighthouse will develop replicable Go To Market strategies and blueprints useful to algae entrepreneurs, and socio-economic impact assessments for policy makers.