Pilots and Products
The AlgaeProBANOS pilots are innovative start-ups and SMEs from the Baltic and North Sea region which are developing a range of algae-based products from across a number of value chains. Explore the pilots and products below.

Power Algae

Turning CO2 from waste into resource with microalgae

What we do

Based in Tartu, Estonia, Power Algae is developing technologies for microalgae cultivation and processing, having the feasibility in the harsh Nordic climate in mind. We use industrial side-streams (e.g., CO2, nutrients) when possible, and aim for maximising circularity in the processes. Our microalgae products are mainly used for food, feed, and cosmetics. 

Why we do it

We believe that the nutritious microalgae could be an answer to several challenges that our society is currently facing. They contain several nutrients that humans, especially vegans, are often missing in their diet. They have a potential to partly replace the current less sustainable protein sources in the feed sector, and synthetic pigments in many fields. All in all, they hold a promise for making our whole food chain more sustainable. 

Our products

Power Algae is a vertically integrated company that has 10 years of experience in technology development. Recently we have started to upscale our own production capacity to meet the needs for microalgae-based products in a variety of sectors. However, in parallel, we continue also with technological R&D and consulting services. 

Our work with AlgaeProBANOS 

In the AlgaeProBANOS project Power Algae will upscale its own cultivation and processing technology as well as test alternative approaches to further increase cost efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint. We focus on feed ingredients and nutraceuticals, but we are ready to test also other application areas.