Pilots and Products
The AlgaeProBANOS pilots are innovative start-ups and SMEs from the Baltic and North Sea region which are developing a range of algae-based products from across a number of value chains. Explore the pilots and products below.


Building up a sustainable seaweed industry in Estonia, based on cultivation and processing of local seaweeds from the Baltic sea.

What we do

Vetik is developing a scalable biorefinery concept for the valorisation of local Estonian red seaweed for uses in agri, food, cosmetic and other industries. At first we use local wild harvested seaweed and in the next stages we move towards beachcast and cultivated seaweeds. 

Why we do it

The need for new sources of biomass is constantly increasing because of the climate crisis and food shortage. Seaweed is a great source of proteins, pigments, polysaccharides and other components and cultivation of them has a positive impact for the sea. It will create new value chains and have a positive impact on the local ecosystem, which is especially important in rural areas. 

Our products

We are developing multiple products from the same biomass including crop biostimulants, natural red colorant (phycoerythrin), proteins and polysaccharides. We are closest to the market with biostimulants, where we have working prototypes. 

Our work with AlgaeProBANOS

Our work with AlgaeProBANOS will see us carry out research into the creation of biostimulants from Furcellaria. Our aim is to create scalable, commercially-viable solutions for the development of natural sea-based ingredients with applications in the food, feed and agri industry.