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Discover Blue Bio Match: Connecting the Blue Sector for Sustainability

We are excited to introduce you to a new community platform, Blue Bio Match! The platform is set to unite startups, SMEs, professionals, researchers, policymakers, and funders who share a common mission: advancing sustainability in the blue sector.  

Blue Bio Match acts as a central hub, bringing together all relevant stakeholders in the blue economy to foster knowledge exchange, establish connections, and encourage active participation in sustainable initiatives.  

Powering the platform together with 3 other initiatives, AlgaeProBANOS hosts the ALgae working group at the platform, where we hope to see all Algae professionals and growing professionals unite and discuss relevant issues on the field. 

Join and explore the platform today! 

Go to and request to join. 

Once your request is approved, log into the platform and complete your profile. 

Explore the platform and don’t forget to join the Algae Working Group!  

See you on Blue Bio Match.