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MissionOcean Forum in Brussels: AlgaeProBanos took the stage

Last week European Ocean Days and the annual Mission Forum took place. AlgaeProBanos was present as a prominent MissionOcean project. With a €12 million budget, it's a major initiative slated to run until 2027, deeply integrated into MissionOcean's objectives.

Europe's seas are vital for the Union's social and economic well-being, facing numerous challenges like depleting fish stocks and increasing environmental pressures. The MissionOcean Forum in Brussels aimed to explore future trajectories for Europe's seas, considering global, economic, and social transformations.

MissionOcean Forum brought together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss pathways for Europe's seas, focusing on themes such as global drivers, economy, society, and innovation. The discussions aimed to address opportunities and barriers, with both short-term goals for 2030 and long-term aspirations for 2050 in mind. Representing AlgaeProBanos was Submariner CEO Angela Schultz-Zehden.

In the Baltic and North Sea (BANOS) region, the AlgaeProBanos project tackles the challenge of balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. Supported by the EU, it aims to introduce algae-based products through six business pilots, catering to rising demand for green consumer goods while fostering a sustainable industry, envisioning a thriving future by 2050.